Pegasus 55 Sailing and Deck Photos

Sailing and Deck Detail photos of this unique high performance ULDB cruiser/racer.
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(Photo by Billy Black)

  Pegasus 55 reaching with asymmetrical
  spinnaker. Easily handled by a shorthanded
  crew yet capable of sustained double digit


  Pegasus 55 going to weather. Large main and
  self-tacking jib give good upwind capability 
  and yet is able to be depowered quickly.

(Photo by Billy Black)
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  Stem details - Retracting bowsprit, below
  deck furler for jibs, continuous line furler
  for Code 0 spinnaker.


    Clean decks are maintained with halyards
    and reef lines run under deck to cockpit
    winches, combining sleek lines with
    elimination of tripping hazards



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(Photo by Billy Black)
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 Large open cockpit with great access
 between twin steering wheels and all
 control lines lead under deck to the cockpit.

   Self tacking jib traveler recessed 
  for unimpeded access on deck. 

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(Photo by Billy Black)


  Flush hatches compliment a teak foredeck
  devoid of intrusive hardware.      

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