Andrews 50
ULDB Racer

Masthead spinnakers for phenomenal downwind performance coupled with 
a deep bulb keel for exceptional righting moment and pointing upwind.

Andrews 50
CAD Rendering

Andrews 50
Principal Dimensions

                          LOA                             49.98 Ft.
                          LWL                             45.20 Ft.
                          Beam                           13.60 Ft.
                          Draft                               9.83 Ft
                          Displacement               15,500 Lbs.
                          Ballast                          7225 Lbs.
                     Main (including Roach)           753 Ft.^2
                     Jibs (100% Foretriangle)        510 Ft.^2
                     Spinnaker (SL *SMW* .75)   1908 Ft.^2
                           Fresh Water                  40 US Gal.
                           Diesel Fuel                    50 US Gal.
                     Auxillary Engine            Yanmar 4JH 51 HP
                                                             With Sail Drive

Sail plan
      Sail Plan
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Deck plan
      Deck Plan
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Interior plan
    Interior Plan
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