Andrews 45

The is a Ultra Light Displacement Racing Sailboat, sloop rigged, epoxy/fiber/foam composite sandwich type construction, with foil shaped keel and rudder. She will be 45 foot long, displacing about 12,000 lbs. Designed to be fast in local, medium distance and off-shore racing.

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This is a chronological history of the construction of this boat. The progression is left to right, top to bottom.

First skin layer
    Plug for hull under construction, first
    skin layer applied.

Cut and pre-fit core sections.   
  Core cut and pre-fit prior to  laminating.
outskin_notitle.jpg (7186 bytes)
   Laminating Outside Skins - E-glass
    with mast and centerline carbon

    ringfrme_notitle.jpg (9136 bytes)
        Finishing a ring frame prior to
          bonding into the hull.

Deck mold nearing completion.

Hull and deck joined, being prepared
   for hardware installation.

Color sanding the first topcoat prior 
           to final paint.  


Skinned frame
   Plug for hull under construction,
   skinned frame complete.

Starboard side core and inner carbon skin
   Inner carbon skin and starboard
    side core bonded in place. 

   fair_notitle.jpg (6401 bytes)
   Outside skins complete with a
     light Kevlar cloth - ready for
  Forward ring frames and center-
   line longitudinal installed. E-glass
   skins over foam core with carbon
   unidirectional caps.

   Cored composite interior shaping up.
    Lower bunks with adjustable yet solid 
    tops, crew bag storage lockers,
    engine box, etc. 

    View from bow, hull and deck joined.


   Outside the shop, installing rudder with
   keel installed but plastic shielded to fit
   kelp cutter.

Hull plug, core beginning
   Hull tool complete, dry-fit of core

corefair_notitle.jpg (7296 bytes)
   Completed core fairing, almost
            ready for outside skins.

hulljune_notitle.jpg (7348 bytes)
Hull upright and ready to receive
   internal structure.

  Wide mast floor shaped and
        prepared for laminating.     
        Forward keel floor ready for
        scarfing to Bulkhead 4.

      Deck vacuum laminated on female
        mold and ready for elevated
        temperature post-cure.

                   Keel has arrived!

    Ready for the truck to the water.
    Anticipated launch: Dec. 23, 1999.

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