Andrews 41
PHRF Racer

This Andrews 41 is a state-of-the-art ULDB with high ballast ratio, 
plenty of sail area and a spacious deck arrangement.

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CAD Rendering
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  Andrews 41
Principal Dimensions

                                               LOA                                 41.0 Ft.
                                               LWL                                37.00 Ft.
                                               Beam                              11.08 Ft.
                                               Draft                                  8.50 Ft.
                                               Displacement                 8,400 Lbs.
                                               Ballast                             4430 Lbs.
                                               Main          (Including Roach) 577 Ft.
                                               Jibs         (100% Foretriangle) 383 Ft.
                                              Spinnaker    (SL * SMW * .75) 1023 Ft.
                                              Fresh Water       26 US Gal.
                                              Diesel Fuel        30 US Gal
                                              Auxiliary Engine     Yanmar 3GM30C 27 HP
with SD20 SailDrive

Sail plan
Sail Plan
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Deck plan
Deck Plan
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Interior plan
Interior Plan
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