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The Design Team

Alan AndrewsAlan Andrews

From its roots in Alan Andrews' first 1979 design office, Alan Andrews Yacht Design, Inc. has specialized in creating performance racing and cruising sailing yachts. The design team's basic design philosophy incorporates high performance sailing characteristics with solid state-of-the-art engineering. The net result is a well-found yacht with a competitive lifetime outlasting current racing rules. Alan Andrews Yacht Design combines this design expertise with the unique ability to listen, understand, and achieve client requirements and goals. The client-architect relationship with this progressive firm extends far beyond line plans and interior drawings.

The Andrews design office uses state-of the-art CAD systems to generate hull shapes and produce working drawings and patterns.  Velocity prediction programs and rating projections are accomplished with in house programs and consultants provide CFD appendage and FEA structural analysis.

Construction techniques and materials are rapidly evolving with the advent of composites and laminating techniques.  The firm keeps on the cutting edge of development by constantly updating structural programs developed in house and integrating information from a strong network of boat builders, aerospace consultants and material suppliers.  This knowledge is joined with the design teams unique insight and understanding of sailboat structures, and a combined five and a half decades of hands-on sailing experience.

A graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Alan Andrews, the president of Alan Andrews Yacht Design, Inc., was a member of the sailing team and an All-American sailor. In 1976, he worked with Doug Peterson Yacht Design, gaining valuable experience as a draftsman. Joining Dencho Marine in 1977, Alan was the in house designer/engineer; and, did extensive work on Arriba, overall winner of the 1979 Transpac. Hanging out his own shingle in 1979, his first major racing success was Details, overall winner of the 1982 MORC International Championships. Alan gained worldwide prominence shortly thereafter when the One-Tonner Allegiance won first in Class E and second overall in the 1984 SORC. Subsequent Andrews designs have won such prestigious events as Kenwood Cup and StFYC Big Boat Series and a string of line honors victories in Transpac, Mackinac, Key West, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada.

In addition to designing and sailing on his successful racers, Alan serves as a board of directors member and is Chairman of  the Technical Commitee for Transpacific Yacht Club and has served on the US IMS Committee.

The Andrews Design Team, with its distinguished educational background and extensive experience racing, cruising, and building yachts, is committed to the best possible design for the client's yacht.

Excellence demands no less.

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