Andrews 52 ULDB Racer
This is a history of the construction of this new boat being built at Westerly Marine.
Chonology is left to right, top to bottom

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Station frames being mounted on strongback. 

Battens are fastened to station frames.

The clean hull shape is shown by Westerly's male hull mold battened and ready for diagonal skins.

Carbon hull laminated with first epoxy and fairing coats applied.

Carbon hull upright and ready for installing interior structure.

Interior carbon bulkheads being installed

Interior structure looking forward

Forward ring frames.

Internal structure complete.

Laminating frames on vacuum table prior to installation.

Deck mold nearing completion.

Carbon skins applied to deck mold.

High temperature curing of deck under vacuum.

Fairing chain plate reinforcement

Hull with interior structure complete

Installing engine

Installing engine into hull structure

Deck mold being readied for joining with hull

Completed deck lowered into place on hull.

Deck and hull joined, faired and painted, waiting to mount keel.

Decked out at the launch party.

Interior view towards bow and galley

The owners, builders and designer at the launch party.

Sea trials on JBird III

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