Andrews 52 ULDB Racer
This is a history of the construction of this new boat being built at Dencho Marine. 
Chronology is left to right, top to bottom.

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Hull plug frames erected on a stongback at Dencho Marine

Attaching battens over hull plug frames

Hull plug taking shape. A female mold will be built over this form.

Faired hull plug, ready to laminate mold.

Female hull mold laminated over plug.

Female deck mold under construction over male plug. First skins completed and balsa core bonded in place.

Outside skins of deck mold laminated over balsa core.

After deck mold was removed from deck plug, aft half of plug was used as mock-up to confirm deck hardware layout

Vacuum lamination of carbon inside skins in hull bottom area.

Deck lamination in female mold. Outside carbon skin complete. SuperLite balsa core being installed on coachroof (center) and curing under vacuum lamination on cockpit sole (right).

Starting internal structure installation.  Forward three ring frames in place ready 
for bonding. Peel ply protecting remainder of interior laminate.

Main bulkhead on the vacuum laminating table. Straightening the vacuum bag while starting to draw down the vacuum.

Laminating the keel floors on the vacuum table prior to peel ply, bleeder ply and vacuum bag.

Pre-laminated keel floors located in hull, ready for taping in place.

Internal carbon structure complete within carbon hull.

Structure complete, galley construction begins between the mast bulkhead and forward berths.

Deck in place following interior construction. Ready for bonding to hull and bulkheads.

Hull and deck in fresh primer paint following fairing of hull to deck joint.

Large, open cockpit with deck hardware mostly installed.

Flag blue hull showing off extremely fair hull.

Keel fin and bulb ready for installation.

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